I’m Hiring…Can You Recruit?

I’m in one of those bittersweet moments as a leader. One of my team members is transitioning back into a clinical role to provide care for some of our most fragile patients. I’m thrilled for her, and more importantly, for our patients who are going to benefit from her expertise as a Pediatric Nurse.

What that means however, is that I need to hire a social media savvy recruiter to join my team. Yes, a social media savvy recruiter…not someone who “doesn’t get” twitter and believes sharing information on facebook will “get you in trouble.” If you feel that way, please save us both the time and look for an old school personnel gig.

Check out the new HR page to learn more about my organization, the amazing Tampa Bay area, and how we’ve completely integrated social into Human Resources.

I’d love to hire an HR pro who has their SPHR or PHR, understands hospital-based healthcare, and isn’t afraid to take risks. Going for it in your HR practice means much more to me than telling me you’ve placed 1,000 ads in the Sunday paper. We don’t do the Sunday paper here.

We work in Florida, so recognizing Spanish (let alone speaking it) would be a plus; but is not required.

At my organization we save children’s lives everyday who otherwise wouldn’t live.  Tell me what other company is doing something more important?  That’s right, there isn’t one.

If you feel you are a good fit to join our team, check out the position, and get in touch with Clare to learn more.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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