The Biggest Networking Truth Revealed

No, this isn’t a trick title. 
No, this isn’t another boring networking post.
Yes, your network is lame and it’s your fault.

Still with me?

But I’m A Successful Professional
Sure you are. So are the people who lose their jobs every day because their company hit a rough patch or their industry was outmaneuvered, or you simply are so stuck on yourself that you don’t think you need a network because you’re successful.


If I had a dollar for everyone who has ever suddenly connected with me on Linkedin when they found themselves unemployed and now wanted to start networking I could retire. Well, maybe not retire, but you get the point.

The old line about looking yourself up on the Internet to ‘check to make sure your character hasn’t been hacked’ is actually a desperate cry for you to begin networking. A quick google search is the proof you need to show just how invisible you are.

Yes, invisible. 

I’m Hiring, But I Can’t See You
Consider this scenario…I have a job to fill and twenty-five seasoned professionals apply for the position. 

They are all great people, have strong interpersonal skills and similar experience. 

I can close my eyes and pick any one of them and win. 

They are clones…they have no individual identify…they are simply duplicates that can do the job.

Harsh? Maybe. True? You tell me.

However, if one of them has invested in their network, connected with people (maybe even me or you at some point), or heaven help us established a personal brand, guess which one is going to get the job?  


How About You
Your ego is the biggest truth about networking. It gets in the way, clouds your thinking, and convinces you that you’re better than you are. (Mine sure as heck did!) Your ego is in the way of you building the network you need. Networks are not luxuries..they are requirements…they take work to develop both online and in person.

They’re worth it.
They matter.
They will help you…
…but only if you’re willing to do the hard work to build one.

Get over yourself, reach out, connect, pick up the phone and get started.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.