The Sun is Still Out

Dearest gentle reader…in early 19th century England it was considered improper to dance during daylight hours (or at least it was according to Bridgerton.) The notion that someone would actually dance “while the sun was still out” seemed absurd! Imagine the scandal among the nobility!

Let’s fast-forward to your organization today and ask a couple of questions:

– What unwritten rules are in place in your corporate culture?

– Who sets the standards for corporate etiquette?

– What are the consequences for breaking these rules?

– Imagine the scandal among the corporate nobility when these rules are broken!

The further I go in my career, the more I take pride in a track record of doing my best to break through traditional thinking and breaking cultural norms to make leaps forward. The concept of sacrificing sacred practices in companies is not new; however, the courage to actually do so continues to be a rare sighting indeed.

As for this author, I look forward to the season when it is expected that each leader of the gentry…er…leadership team…is expected to speak up, challenge, and bring forward fresh ideas and normalize risk-taking instead of forever being locked in a world of arcane social norms that serve only those long overdue for a retirement ball.

Thanks for being here.