UNSTOPPABLE POWER is designed to help leaders and aspiring leaders to compress their precious time and instantly become more effective. Perhaps never in our lifetime have organizations, and the world, needed authentic, decisive leadership more than we do now. Tired and outdated leadership styles have derailed many companies.

UNSTOPPABLE POWER is filled with poignant stories, easy to implement strategies, and fresh communication skills that will help the reader in every area of their leadership style. Focusing on the high impact combination of energy, risk, and relationships, UNSTOPPABLE POWER will give you the tools to move forward today.

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After learning about the Unstoppable Power, it made me realize that being a high energy leader every single day was a strength that I needed to truly embrace. Jay does a great job of articulating the concept of realizing that focusing on taking risks and valuing relationships is a true authentic way to becoming a more effective leader.


Kim Pope

Chief Operating Officer, WilsonHCG,
Tampa, Florida

Jay’s approach to life and leadership is genuine and refreshing! The leadership playbook of days gone by can be thrown out and replaced with the principles outlined in Unstoppable Power – it IS the new playbook. Unstoppable Power highlights the importance of authenticity, taking risks and high energy, and Jay’s heartfelt leadership style is the example that all leaders should follow!



Former Vice President, Human Resources
Bed, Bath & Beyond New York City

 Unstoppable Power reminds us that as leaders, we have the ability – through how we show up — to truly impact our organizations. Jay’s passion and intensity inspire us to own our choices and the path we take professionally and personally.



Chief People Officer
Human Resources Administration
Lee Health System

People today feel powerless – personally and professionally. They’re looking for a catalyst that will move them ahead, inspire them and be sustainable. Jay Kuhns captures what is needed to make that happen in his new book!! He lives the concepts of limitless energy, risk taking, and building relationships as a leader himself. He shows us how to translate this to leadership in all corners and levels of the business world. So, step up, dive into this book, and regain the power you desire!



Chief People Officer
Larosa's Inc
Author of – HR On Purpose !! and HR Rising !!
Cincinnati, OH