HRevolution: Did You Answer the Challenge?

As the newest version of HRevolution fast approaches, I thought I would give an update on a challenge I was, ahem, asked to commit to at the HRevolution session in Atlanta earlier this year.  I attended a high energy, and highly interactive session led by Jason Lauritsen and Steve Browne called “If HR is so bad . . . what are YOU doing about it ??”  Ouch.  I should have known I would have work to do after the session.

Echo Chamber

Exploring the social media world has given me the clear affirmation that progress is not made by wishing for it; rather, it’s made by pushing.  Hard.  To that end, I worry that those of us who are committed to Human Resources leadership are simply talking, writing, and tweeting to each other about our passion, but aren’t getting out of our comfort zones to push the agenda further.  Hearing similar messages back from those I respect and admire is absolutely terrific, but it doesn’t make any progress.  Does it?  It’s hard to tell sometimes.

After the Conference is Most Important

Jason recently published a terrific post outlining concrete steps that can be taken after returning home from a conference to not only reinforce learning, but to reinforce connections with attendees as well.  During my session last Spring I committed to raising an issue with a group of Executives I meet with regularly to push past their lack of knowledge and fear about social media, and to help them learn more, do more, and understand more.  I wrote about my initial follow up here, but that was quite honestly a “Jay calling my colleagues out” session.  Several weeks ago I delivered on my commitment in full that had me presenting on social media tools, how to get started, and how to incorporate those tools into HR practice.  It was great. 

How About You
Are you hitting the summer/fall conference circuit?  Are you inspired with what you’re hearing, seeing, learning, and who you are meeting?  That’s terrific.  So what?  If you leave all of that energy on the ballroom floor or in the Expo Hall, you might as well have stayed home and gotten some meaningful work done.  Answer the challenge and make a difference.  Don’t make me get Jason and Steve after you.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of hrexaminer