In between kids sporting events, workouts, phone calls to the office, launching a new twitter account and keeping up with the never ending task list, I’ve been paying my respects to those impacted on 9/11 by watching some of the many specials that have been airing all weekend.  And I’m angry.  This post isn’t about a tribute, or to share a special memory, it’s just to share how I feel…and I’m mad as hell.

So today I’m taking the liberty of simply venting…letting go…and expressing what many others may feel as well. We’re upset…but we’re unstoppable too.

We proved it when we came together after the attacks. That could have been a time when we let politics, or personal agendas, or “stuff” get in the way.  But we didn’t…because we’re unstoppable.

So although I’m excited about the coming work week, writing about leadership, and connecting with so many of you…for now I’m just going to balance feeling sad, with knowing there are so many good times ahead.  I say we should all be unstoppable this week…that will show those cowards that you can knock us down, but you can never knock us out.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of weekendsareforwarriors