Far Beyond Driven

I’ve been reflecting on my style lately. Not my clothes, but rather how I approach my personal and professional lives. I’ve also been thinking a lot about balance. I used to call it work-life balance, but that doesn’t really seem to apply anymore. Life balance is more appropriate for me. Work is demanding and requires a lot of time if its going to be done well. At least that’s the way I see it.

Work Hard, Play Hard

When I run down the list of my responsibilities, projects, and deliverables at work I get fired up! Maybe I should behave more “professionally” but candidly if you’re no longer feeling motivated at work it may be time for a change. I’m honestly in a situation where I have lots of irons-in-the-fire and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Personally I try to keep a stout pace as well. Between family commitments, blogging regularly, a passion for social media, a few speaking gigs and the never-ending battle to stay in shape, I fill my days fairly rapidly. Sometimes I wonder where the downtime is supposed to come from? Then I ask myself, is that what I really want? We all receive messages about slowing down and taking time to smell the proverbial flowers. Hey, I like flowers as much as the next guy, but quite honestly I don’t want to slow down. Am I supposed to? Are you?

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

I’m finally recognizing that I’m wired a certain way…and I’m not sure if its the right way or the wrong way…but it is who I am. This realization has helped me change my view of the employees in my organization. Should they all be the same? Should they all work and play the way I do? I hope not! I don’t want a bunch of “Jays” running around here…I want the richness of difference to make my organization stronger. Plus I think I would go crazy if there were too many of “me” here.

How About You
Are you caught up in the societal messages of what you’re supposed to be; or, have you decided to embrace who you are and abandon some false image that you should be striving toward? Its a difficult place to get to…at least it was for me. But once we let go of the pressure on ourselves, we can really see the huge potential through difference that is all around us.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of work-hard-play-hard