Do Less With Less

Deadlines. Pressure. Stress. Tight budgets. Unrealistic expectations. Quarterly goals. Limited resources.I guess the tired adage that we have to do more with less is true.

Or maybe it’s not.

Less is Reality
I appreciate the reality that we’re living in a time when the global economy is weak. In my business we would say it’s on life support. That situation has forced most of us to radically change the way we work, staff our organizations, invest in capital, and make (or not make) bold moves in the market. Only the very strongest of organizations has navigated the last five years with little damage.

An interesting opportunity has also picked up steam over the last five years. The pressure to become more efficient and to leverage every available free tool (I’m referring to social media for you HR folks that still love transactional work) has literally changed work for the better.

Yes, the world of work, at least Human Resources work, is in my opinion much better today than it was five years ago.

Less is Good
Many HR professionals used the ancient ratio approach to staff their departments. If the organization had 500 employees then 5 HR staff people were necessary. One HR person for every 100 employees made sense. I guess.

But what happens when you force the team to become more efficient? What happens when you don’t replace positions and empower the group to do a deep dive into the work and let them simply engineer a common sense way to get the work done quickly and efficiently? What happens when you take advantage of free tools like facebook, twitter and Linkedin and incorporate them into your HR practice?

What about your HR formula now?

Less is Less

Imagine a world of HR that leverages lean processes free tools, and the perspective and input of front line staff to get the work flow designed properly. 
Could we really dream about less transactional work, less wasted time, and less expense? Oh wait, that’s happening today. It could happen in your organization too, if you have the courage to get started.

I like “less.”

How About You
Are you still waiting to catch up to the rest of the world of work? The justification… er…excuses we used five years ago don’t cut it anymore. It’s time to embrace less…and learn how much more you can actually accomplish.

I’d love to hear from you.