Playing the Race Card

I have a couple of hot buttons in my life. Here’s the list:
– racism
– discrimination against those different than you (for any reason)
– violence against women and children
– racism
Racism gets two votes because not only is it one of the most cowardly and disgusting belief systems I’ve ever encountered; but it also goes against the very core of what being a decent human being is all about.
Are you with me so far?
Racism Is Not A Card Game
One of the phrases I hear over and over has to do with one’s ability to “play” some sort of mysterious “race card.”
It seems to me that each time this phrase is used it is by someone who is trying to attack a minority for raising a legitimate issue; but God forbid it has something to do with racism. We certainly can’t talk about that! Right?

“Would someone please explain to me why we aren’t comfortable talking about racism for what it is; and instead feel the need to deflect our inability to confront the bigots among us and degrade the issue to a common game of cards?”

What the hell is going on here? Avoidance, that’s what. Fear of speaking the truth, that’s what. The inability to step up and confront racism when its staring us in the face, that’s what. Whose job is it to step up anyway? In your work life human resources leadership better be ready to drop the gloves instantly.
We all have options. Some of them are easy. The easiest one is called silence. Silence equals endorsement. Silence means you are actively supporting racism.
Silence means you are now the racist. How does that sound in your head?
Another Option
We have another option too. We can do something. We can stop the bigots in their tracks and expose them for the foolish, evil, radicals they are. All we have to do is speak up. You see once we raise our voice two things immediately happen:
– everyone will know exactly what you stand for
– everyone will know exactly what the racist stands for
Are you still with me?
How About You
Stop playing cards. Start confronting racism. If you’re not sure what to do, call me and I’ll help. It can be scary when you’re the only one in the room doing the right thing. I know. But in the words of Dr. King: “the time is always right, to do what’s right.” 
I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.