I’m Not HR Anymore (In My Head)

In Rebekah Iliff’s recent post she describes the mindset of the modern entrepreneur and how they view the world. It turns out I align with the five points she discusses. In fact, after reading and processing it a bit, I started to wonder if I was in the right job? 

For as much as I try to raise awareness about the power of thinking differently, embracing social media in a social media dominated world, and taking risks to do things better, it seems at the end of each day I get little or no traction in the world of human resources, particularly healthcare human resources.

That’s just sad.

Is It Me?

One of the realities of going as hard as I do into the modern world of work is the risk of being seen as someone who is completely out of touch with the old (read here –> lame) ways of doing things. Sure, old ways worked great…back when they were new. 

They’re called old waysfor a reason.

Is It Healthcare HR?

Obviously there are many HR professionals who are light years ahead of me in the social media/risk-taking space. So perhaps my struggle is with the industry that I’ve called home for nearly twenty years. Maybe the overly regulated, compliance-rich and risk-averse world of healthcare HR is simply not up for the challenge of leading in the world of HR practice?

Ouch. How did that one feel fellow healthcare HR brothers and sisters?

Is This Just One Big Opportunity? 

There is another option here. The gaping hole of HR leadership in the healthcare HR space is so massive that maybe I’m in the perfect place after all? Could it be that the industry I love so much, have devoted my entire professional life to, and that allows me to have a job that actually contributes to society every day needs someone to keep pushing? 

                  “It doesn’t mean I’m doing anything right;
                       but it does mean I’m not afraid to try.”

I’m not sure to be honest with you. It’s an odd feeling to have to explain what you’re doing as part of your job versus just doing it. But maybe that’s okay too. How else do others come along for the ride? How else can the path be cleared for others to feel comfortable taking risks with their own careers and know it will be safe to do so?  
How About You

Alright, I’m still HR. I’m proudly healthcare HR too. Thank goodness for the team I work with…because other than them, it seems to be a very quiet landscape for those of us working in the best industry out there.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.