When You’re Not A Good Fit Anymore

The word “fit” is used so frequently in my world that I almost feel that I need an organizational sizing chart for our selection process. I don’t know when the word “fit” became such a requirement (or excuse) for making decisions about people’s careers, but it is clearly one of the most en vogue terms in the world of work.

Good Fit
It seems to me there is no greater compliment that can be bestowed on a person than to say they are a “good fit.” That might be the corporate world’s version of granting tenure in academia. Surely lifelong employment without fear of reprisal is at hand! 

We’ve all experienced the warm and fuzzy “good fit” feeling either in the interview process with a candidate, or when we join a new organization and get to know our colleagues. There is a certain energy that kicks in…the feeling of potential…knowing that because personalities are going to connect well, great things are sure to follow.

Until the world changes. Which happens on a daily basis. Then the “good fit” criteria we used yesterday no longer applies to our new hire, or incumbent, or member of our leadership team. We get stuck using old mindsets in an ever changing world. That is an impossible model to follow if we are going to continue this good-fit-above-all-else way of thinking.

Bad Fit
Fit is in the present…but what happens when someone evolves but the organization is slow to respond? Still a good fit (read here –> the company wants the old fit, clinging to the good old days)? 

Are these folks no longer relevant? Have they crossed some invisible “fit” line that now has them on the bad fit list?

Perhaps we should only be focused on bringing people into our organizations who continually push the limits of what is normal, or accepted, or upholds the rich traditions of our various brands? 

How many breakthroughs in thinking, leading, product development, and process improvement might come from that corporate culture?

Sadly, most companies will never know.

How About You
Are you a good fit where you work? I hope I still am! I work very differently now than when I first joined my organization. I was hired as a “good fit” for the way I worked back then…and that doesn’t come close to how my work gets done now.

For as much as I try to keep up with an ever changing world, I’m still falling short of what’s happening in other industries. That’s okay though, it’s those other HR leaders that inspire me to keep pushing. Whether I’m a good fit or not.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.