New Found Power

“Good enough.”

“No complaints.”

“It’s all good.”

We use these terms all the time, don’t we? It’s as if we’ve accepted that our careers, or lives, or passions naturally settle into a routine that is less than stellar.


I love the work I do. You probably do too. That doesn’t mean I like every single thing I’m responsible for, but in total I am passionate (yes, I used that word) about leadership and change and innovation. But what happens if the work we love suddenly becomes something different over time? What if we finally notice that the energy and excitement we once felt has changed?

Maybe the work has evolved and we just didn’t notice? Maybe expectations have changed and we didn’t fully understand? Maybe the natural changes that occur in life caught up with us and “suddenly” we realize that what we once believed to be true is no longer accurate?
Drama and Power
Once we have clarity that our careers, or lives, or passions are just “good” a new world opens up before us. I’m not convinced that life should just be good enough, or that I should be thankful for everything just so I don’t sound ungrateful.

Why shouldn’t your career be great? Why shouldn’t you be fired up when you think about your work? Why is settling something we’re almost expected to do?

I’m not playing that game, and neither should you.

When the drama around you becomes the work…when the behavior around you gets in they way of good leadership…when the noise is the real culture…

…you need to stop playing along.

How About You
Let’s return to a time when our energy and passion drove us to excel in our work. Hold others accountable. Hold yourself accountable. Keep pushing yourself and those around you to avoid the trap that settling represents. It’s time to take your power back because quite honestly…settling stinks.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.