Sometimes I need to…

be more kind.
listen longer before I answer.
focus on the positives.
worry about other’s feelings ahead of my own.
be aware that my actions impact others.
lend a hand to someone in need.
mentor a new leader.
challenge a complacent leader.
go out of my way.
inspire as many people as I can.
take the blame.
be an example.
not be so hard on myself.
support those who give it their all.
hold the slackers accountable.
think bigger than I did yesterday.
remember I can not do it alone.
have some downtime.
thank my colleagues.
say hello to a stranger.
take a rest day.
be better prepared.
reach out to someone who needs help.
stop explaining why I love my music.
remember diversity is not a to do item.
be vulnerable.
push harder than is humanly possible.
…but always lead the way.

What is on your list?