Bringer of Light

Who are you learning from? Who is the leader that you connect with the most as your mentor, guide, or example that you aspire to live up to? Please don’t say that you don’t need a mentor, or that you no longer need to learn. If that’s truly how you feel I wish you nothing but the best (as your career spirals down the drain.)
My View
For me personally I am starving for more…whether it’s insight into the RPO industry…getting to know my colleagues better…understanding how to best juggle a life that is literally split between three states…or figuring out the best way to push harder and faster than everyone is comfortable with me doing.
I hate feeling comfortable…that typically means leaders are talking big and running scared at the same time. Leaders who run scared are absolutely useless….don’t you think?
I find it odd that the more senior leaders become, the more they convince themselves that they have it all figured out. 

Perhaps it’s counter-intuitive, but as one’s scope expands dramatically doesn’t that mean the amount of learning necessary is exponentially higher?

Admitting that we need to learn is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it sends a signal to our teams that learning is what leaders do. Confidently learning is far different than having an a know-it-all swagger.
Are you with me?

How About You
So who are you learning from? Is it someone in your company…your CEO…a member of your team with specialized knowledge…or perhaps a member of your Personal Board of Directors?
Keep learning. When you do…your leadership will rise above the noise and make a real difference.
I’d love to hear from you.
No Excuses.