Give Me Something To Break

Sometimes the world can feel like it’s closing in all around us. We work hard, implement contemporary strategies, and even call out those who are ignoring their leadership responsibilities.
And the more sacred things we break…the greater the noise level directed at us.
Face the Challenge
I’ve seen the same behavior happen for years. You’ve heard the comments…the excuses…which really only serve as a public validation of failed leadership.
“We are so special, we just need to keep doing things the way we always have”
“I don’t understand why we’re changing”
“I don’t believe the world is so different…I know what works best”
It’s painful to hear, I know.
Which Archetype Do You Work In
I find it fascinating that for all of the leadership posturing to protect one’s job, attempt to demonstrate executive presence, or avoid looking out of touch, so many bright minds can struggle to actually lead effectively. Everything is different now.
Seriously. It’s 2015. This terrific piece from Harvard Business Review illustrates how the world of effective leadership has done a complete 180 degree turn over the last five years. Were you paying attention?

How About You
When was the last time you broke some sacred glass in your organization? Is it better to allow things to drift and die; or, do the circumstances in your world require bold leadership? There are so few bold leaders who actually know what they’re doing. Maybe it’s time that you proved you are one of the few.
I’d love to hear from you.
No Excuses.