Where Do We Go From Here

I let a milestone slip by quietly a month or so ago. It was the tenth anniversary of this blog (900 posts strong.) I know, not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. The world has gone absolutely crazy…pandemics have become politicized…and the United States is sadly divided to extremes.

Back to that milestone. I decided to step back from writing for a while. My last two posts about Black Lives Matter and Seeing Color seemed a fitting set of messages that represent how I feel. It didn’t seem right to jump back into “the 3 best actions to take to be the leader of the year” type of posts.

Something felt different, and quite honestly I didn’t want to say anything more, about any topic, at the time.

Now Things are Different

Historic change has since occurred. The impact on employers, regardless of your political leanings, will be dramatic at the very least. And, the need for leadership that does not include fake news, hoaxes, or outright lies is more important than ever.

Will we get that type of leadership from Washington? I highly doubt it. It’s rarely been there before, and the last few years have shown that it has all but evaporated.

So, where do we go from here?

There are of course, several options to fill the massive leadership void. 

Families are a very important part of our communities, and hopefully create a safe place to share our fears, opinions, and outlook going forward.

Our faith also plays a massively important role, for those that have a faith perspective. For me, it brings a level of awareness, teaching, support, guidance, a
strong community, and bigger picture view that rises above the politicization of society.

A third group, and one I feel needs to play an ever more critical role is that of the employer. Providing information, sharing resources and creating opportunities for employees to have real dialogue, and ensure that open lines of communication are well utilized and understood by everyone is more important than ever before.

How About You

It’s been ten years since I started my blogging journey. Candidly, if we ever needed leadership that held itself accountable, it is right now. Let’s move forward with a fresh spirit of opportunity, excitement about the future, and support for one another. We’re all going to need it, right?

I’d love to hear from you.

No excuses.