Power Post – More Humble Pie Please

In Monday’s post I challenged myself to embrace an opportunity to be humble this week.  It didn’t take long to have that opportunity stare me right in the face.

While I was speaking to a room of 200 hundred people.    Twice.

This is a big week at work.  We recognize all of the Employee of the Month nominees from 2010 at two luncheons (800 or so), and then have a fabulous banquet and select an employee of the year.  All three events are terrific, and allow us time to actually slow down and recognize those who do some of the most amazing, life-saving work for the pediatric patients we serve.

So there I was, standing before a crowded auditorium speaking about the incredible impact on the sick, injured, and premature little souls -thousands of them every year – that these employees perform miracles on. 
And suddenly I didn’t mean a whole lot anymore.  In fact, I felt fortunate to be in the same room with them.  I felt proud to say that I work where they work.

So after finishing my remarks and taking my seat, I couldn’t help but think that my job is to be the best damn HR practitioner on the planet.  Those miracle-workers deserve nothing less.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of seekingalpha.com