Power Post – Soft-Boiled Grumps

Soft-Boiled Grumps.  That’s right.  Those people that have refined the skill of laying on a guilt-trip to pure art.  They are so good, your eyes glaze over and you almost find yourself being impressed, until you realize how bad you feel.  

But why?  How is it possible that after so much work with people day after day, we can fall so easily into the trap?  Just to be clear, I am not someone who falls into the trap.  I leap head first into the trap.


We all know the solution to these behaviors.  At least we know in our head   -> confront and hold accountable.  There simply is no other way.  Being direct and honest with people in the workplace is the best option.  The delivery of the message is obviously critical, but whether we’re comfortable with it or not, we must address their soft-boiled grumpiness.

At least that’s what we know in our heads.  But what about our hearts? Damn, that complicates things, doesn’t it?  Are we cold-hearted if we disregard the feelings involved and plow ahead, knowing that our message will be hurtful?


How do you reconcile the conflict of your head and your heart?  Do you step-up and deliver the difficult but honest message; or, do you find yourself (like me sometimes) watching the master as their soft-boiled spell is cast before your very eyes?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of www.deafhooddiscourses.com