Power Post – Do You Have the Fire?

Monday morning.  Inbox is full.  Time is set aside to stay on top of several major projects.  Two dozen meetings are waiting for me between now and Friday.  I’m not complaining…in fact, I have the “fire in my belly” to have a great week.  I have the fire.

So I’m starting my week thinking all about me.  My email…my projects…my meetings.  Could I get any more self-absorbed?  Could I walk past my colleagues any faster to get to my desk and start on my work?

Maybe I should consider a different strategy for doing my “work.”  Maybe the first item on my to do list should say “be the leader you are.”  I’ll be honest, my task list doesn’t say that now.  It has a whole bunch of really important items listed.  But nowhere does it say….lead.  Is leadership suddenly automatic for me now that I’m a [insert job title here]?

So today I am fired up.  I am going to hammer through my task list, work on major projects, and hit all of those meetings.  But first I’m going to focus on being a leader.  

Where’s your fire today?  Mine was in my belly.  Now it’s turned outward…to share with those who are expecting me to step up and be a leader.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of Fired Up Today