Convince the Clueless About Social Media

Do you know someone who is clueless about the reality of work today?  Someone who just doesn’t understand  the world is completely different from just a few short years ago?  Someone who has failed to realize that tens of millions of people are leveraging real time tools and new global networks to connect with other professionals to get their work done faster, better, and more effectively?

I know some too…and I’m embarrassed for them.

Get With The Program
How is this possible?  We all work with bright people who have built amazing organizations, made tough decisions, and have developed a level of expertise at the technical, clinical, or leadership level that is superior.  They’ve adapted to change over the years so they, and their companies, could remain viable.  So how is it that they “don’t do social media?”  

Convince or Let It Go
This issue has bothered me enough that I’ve been reaching out to those in the social media world to get their take.  Although many folks believe that trying to convince non-users to jump on board could be a waste of time, I’m not so sure that I agree.  

When we are passionate about something in our lives, we work hard to ensure others understand the importance of the matter at hand.  We don’t resign ourselves to the fact that simply because the other person doesn’t understand the issue that we should just let it go.  Hell no!  Have you ever argued about politics, professional sports, homeowners association by-laws, policies at work, or anything else that happens in life?

Then why is social media off limits?  Well, it’s not.

How About You
Call me a newbie, call me naive, or call me fired up.  But whatever you call me, don’t accuse me of not appreciating the power of going social.  It’s time for all of us to show our passion for social media, in the same way we show it in so many other areas of our lives.  Doesn’t something that can be so powerful (Hosni Mubarak who?) deserve to have everyone involved.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of Son Shine Music