Call to Action or Just Lip-Service

A call to action.  That’s what I committed to at HRevolution.  I stood up and declared that I would step up in my real life back in Florida and deliver on my commitment.  Jason Lauritsen and Steve Browne challenged us to not just strategize about what we would/could/should do in our HR practice, but to actually do it. Sounded so cool at the nation’s most cutting-edge HR event….feels a bit different back in [insert the name of your town here] and in my real life too.

Lip Service is for Conferences (Not unConferences)
As it turns out, my call to action commitment is going to happen on Tuesday.  This Tuesday.  My hot-shot-stepping-up-moment-in-front-of-everyone turned into a hello-reality-moment right away.  And that’s how it should be.  So tomorrow I’ll be challenging a group of HR colleagues to leave their comfort zones, old constructs, and excuses about not changing; and instead, bringing a little piece of HRevolution back to my world.

How About You   
When is your next hello-reality moment?  Now sounds like a pretty good time to me. What do you think?  Don’t make me have Jason and Steve come looking for you.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of Lip Service Addicts