Leadership Freedom and the Status Quo

There is a certain sense of freedom that comes with leadership.  Often times we miss this piece as the burdens of big decisions, risks, goals, budgets, deadlines and employee issues monopolize our time.  But it is the freedom we need to embrace.

Take A Stand
Now you may think that I have a somewhat twisted view of freedom.  For me, having the ability (insert courage here) to take a stand for what is right represents a big part of leadership freedom.  The tired excuses of not having authority, or a proverbial seat, or enough respect just don’t cut it.  You have all of these things…you just may not have enough courage to do anything about it. 
Except now you have the freedom…to take a stand. 

Break the Chains
Too often we allow our circumstances to dictate our path.  That only works if you’re committed to wallowing in self pity.  You can break free of your situation but only if you’re willing to do something.  Change will not come if you wait for it.  It will only come if you make it happen.  These limits may have felt too heavy a burden to carry in the past.

Except now you have the freedom…to break the chains.

At What Cost
Are you afraid of being labeled?  Will you be known as someone who stirs the pot; or is a rebel; or isn’t doing things the way they’ve always been done?  What price will you pay for pushing ahead of everyone around you?  Will you compromise your career?  Certainly that has never been a safe play, right?

Except now you have the freedom…to pay the cost.

Leader Sticker (Bumper)
How About You
Do you recognize the freedom you enjoy; or, are you trapped in a world of “status quo is the way to go?”  You’ve been hired to step up whether you realize it or not.  Do you have the freedom…to lead?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pics courtesy of calligraphy london and cafepress