Yes! It’s Employee Survey Time!

Not everyone gets pumped up about employee surveys.  But I do.  Many people think they are a waste of time, that no one will be honest, and that action will never be taken.  But I don’t feel that way.  Employee surveys are terrific for one thing…pushing communication.  Survey results start conversations, they don’t end them.

Get Started
I’ve been involved with the employee survey process for years (and years and years).  The best results I’ve ever experienced have nothing to do with the survey questions.  They come from the commitment of the leaders in the organization to continue the conversation with their employees that the survey helps to start.  It is through the ongoing dialogue that real progress is made; not in reading a report that says everything is fine, now let’s move on to something else.  That doesn’t even make sense does it? 

Organizations today are busier than ever, with more pressure than ever, and often times with limited resources to get the work done.  So how can a report that only reflects a snapshot in time serve as a meaningful indicator of how the organization’s employees feel?  Simple answer => it can’t.

What Are You Afraid Of?

There isn’t anything to fear with an employee survey, unless you don’t plan on following up.  Not sharing results, placing blame on employees, or simply ignoring that the survey was conducted are recipes for disaster.  Don’t be afraid.  Take advantage of the opportunity to honestly engage your employees in conversation about the workplace.  It won’t kill you, and the results will be something I like to call…progress!  

How About You
Are you rolling your eyes at this point; or, are you willing to actually sit down with your team and talk about the front line real world issues that need to be addressed.  Just imagine how much more respect they’ll have for you if you’ll simply do that?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of buildinggurus