Thoughts Are Mine…No Kidding

“Thoughts are mine.”

Ever seen that tag line? I’ve used it. I’ve kidded myself that it actually meant something, as if it was some sort of disclaimer that magically separated me from my role when I used social media. Seriously?

Of Course They Are
Consider how odd this phenomenon is…you’ve set up a social media account, you’ve populated the profile with a list of your nifty little interests, dropped in a couple of hashtags, and even included your latest pic. Then to top it all off you add the infamous words “thoughts are mine.” Really? What does that mean exactly? I used to think that I knew. It meant that I was not speaking on behalf of my employer, I was simply going to use the Internet to blast my views on a variety of topics for all to see…including my organization’s employees. Simple. No harm done. It’s just me.

It’s hard to be a social media rookie.

Of Course You Represent Your Employer
This realization can be viewed as a significant constraint on your personal life. It can cross the line between personal and professional boundaries and severely limit what you can and can not say. It’s almost as if….well…

“It’s almost as if we’re trying to hide something. Why else would there be so much paranoia around a simple tweet or post?”

Leadership Means You’re Actually Accountable
Imagine that? Being responsible for what you say and do because you’re a leader. Shocking! Now before everyone gets all twisted around on this, I do realize we’re all human and are allowed to have our own lives outside of work. I sure as hell do (uh…hockey anyone?) But if any of us believe we are able to live some sort of parallel private life away from all of the responsibility, authority and success we’ve worked so hard to achieve then we’re poorly mistaken.

How About You
Do you have the courage to embrace your role and be mindful when integrating social media into your whole life? Or, are you so worried about a tweet that mentions a great happy hour or a heavy metal song that you’re going to stick with posts about accounting principles?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of simplyzesty