I Love Animals…Now Where Can I Find A Scapegoat?

Quick question: how many leaders have you seen that are quick to take responsibility for issues in their areas of responsibility when the pressure is on? Anyone? I know it happens occasionally, but let’s be honest with each other. We live in a CYA world, so when there’s trouble down on the farm, many leaders start hunting for the proverbial goat.

Don’t Be That Leader
Once we ( I’m absolutely including myself) stop worrying about our situation and start focusing on what’s best organizationally it creates a very different climate in the workplace.
Now, the team doesn’t worry about looking over their shoulder because they know you’re not standing there waiting to pounce. Instead, they’re feeling supported, thinking of new ideas, and taking risks.
How About You
Are you willing to separate the personal pressure you feel when your work life gets complicated and instead strategize how to make things better? Or, are you thinking about whom you should line up in your management crosshairs? If employees behave recklessly then hold them accountable, but in general isn’t our job to have their back and make work better?

Make work better today.

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No Excuses.

pic courtesy of funnytimes