Socially Unacceptable

Social media is a powerful tool. It is changing how we communicate with each other; it is changing how business gets done; and it is changing how repressed nations become free. In the final analysis social media is a force that can not, and should not be stopped.  However, with so much freedom and access comes a great degree of responsibility.

“Personal” Business
Blending social tools in our ever connecting world is common practice. I personally connect with friends and colleagues alike on multiple platforms. It has become a productive and useful way to do much more than keep in touch. It allows for a level of networking, dialogue and problem-solving that was once only reserved for conferences or an occasional phone call.

“The challenge is when the casual nature of online connections appear too friendly or are perceived to cross a professional line.”

The real issue is whether or not those interactions should occur at all. Sometimes going social is just “too social.”

“Business” Business

In business, and in my slice of the operation in Human Resources, social media is completely integrated into our daily practice. From our facebook page to our soon-to-be-launched talent community initiative, to our coordinated work with our Marketing team, social is a core component in my world of work.

Beyond HR though, the need for social media guidelines or (groan) a policy, allows both the organization to protect itself while still providing the necessary guidance for the employees to use the tools appropriately. Guidance is good…no one wants to stumble unnecessarily.

How About You
Have you struggled to avoid crossing the proverbial line as you’ve leveraged the power of social media in your life? You don’t have to answer out loud, I just want to make sure I’m not the only one sitting around with his tail between his legs.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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