Delivering The Goods

The role of human resources has evolved considerably since the days of Harry Levinson. If we’re doing our jobs effectively we should be at the forefront of many organizational initiatives: employee impact, driving accountability, aware of and educating leadership on the ever changing regulatory environment, leading the way with social media, pushing leadership to make decisions, and so many others.

Our job is not to simply toil in a transactional world of forms and compliance paranoia. That was personnel…you work and lead the human resources function now.

Risk Is Your Ally

In order to move from the comfort of saying “no” as quickly as we could spit it out, and transitioning to a mindset of “I’m going for it” we must first embrace risk. Now I’m not advocating a reckless leadership style. What I’m saying is that we in HR must push ourselves, and our organizations to try new strategies to communicate, engage, hold accountable, and recruit like we’ve never done before.
The world of work (which is made up entirely of people by the way) has changed so dramatically in the last few years it seems to me that those of us in the people leadership profession are now poised to make the most dramatic impact we’ve ever made.

How About You
For most of us taking that first step is a bit scary. I know it was for me. But once I realized that not only would I live through it, but I would actually begin to transform my HR team and how we interact with employees and the world, I realized there was no turning back.

Do you deliver the HR goods?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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