Pefectionists Are Suckers

You operate at a different level. Your standards are higher than those around you. You’re confident you can make a huge difference in your organization if everyone would make sure the work gets done the right way. Your way. Why can’t they make sure that everything is going to be just right before they start implementing changes? Isn’t it obvious their ideas aren’t perfect?

You my friend are a sucker…and everybody knows it.

What’s Wrong With Perfection?
There is really only one thing wrong with perfection: it’s completely unattainable. Other than that, have at it. Go for it. Strain, stretch, and push yourself and those around you as hard as you would like. I’m sure you’ll…well…no…actually you’ll never get there. So why is perfection your only option?

You my friend are still a sucker.

Make Progress, Not Enemies

Over the years I’ve shifted my view on the quality of work, at least on a macro-scale. For me, making progress each year is much more valuable than making work perfect.
I’ve already clarified perfection is out of reach, yet so many of my colleagues strive for it despite the casualties that are inherent in that approach (low morale, unwelcome turnover, lost productivity, lack in decisions being made, etc…).

How About You
Perhaps it’s time for us all to focus on making work better instead of making work perfect? I love talking about progress. Besides, being a sucker…well…sucks.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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