Furniture Obsession!

I spend a lot of time discussing human resources leadership, strategy, risks, social media, and accountability. This week, I have the distinct pleasure to participate in a large conference of marketing and web professionals from the healthcare industry.

It turns out we have a couple of things in common. Most of these similarities are very positive…things like the awareness that we need to leverage brand, integrate social media into every aspect of our work, and continue to push ourselves to connect with our customers in a meaningful way.

Unfortunately, we also have something else in common: the dreaded furniture obsession.

“Could we please, for once, stop talking about a seat at the table, and simply start leading as if we’re already there?”

Get Over It

I’ve thought for a long time that HR was the only group that complained about this IKEA induced syndrome. Apparently our brothers and sisters in the web/marketing world are also consumed with furniture. Stop it. Everyone, just stop it. No Executive, and I mean not one, is interested in hearing that anyone deserves a seat at the fictitious table.
Instead, they want you to act like you belong there from day one. They don’t have time to wait for you…we need to make it happen. Now.

How About You
What are you doing to ensure you don’t sound like a worn out coffee table salesperson? The furniture argument doesn’t play anymore. What works, are bold leaders who stay on the cutting edge of their profession and prove their value to the Executive teams in their organizations. I bet you won’t find that on clearance this weekend.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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