Pick ‘Em Up, Put ‘Em Down

I seem to be moving faster than ever lately. I love to be challenged in my work, and it has not disappointed me. In periods like this I wonder what I’m missing…who am I missing…what projects are falling behind? So many questions, pressures, and sometimes…mistakes.

I hate that. I just get so busy picking my feet up and putting them down faster and faster that my productivity can actually decrease.
Remember to Breathe

Although it is incredibly difficult for me to justify in my mind, I need to force myself to slow down during my most hectic times. Clearing my desk, maxing out my task list, and then taking each project one at a time with a clear mind is, for me, the quickest path to success.
Once I get my piles of work organized, I can often burn through the emails, tasks, and at least make a decent dent in my projects. Maybe this all sounds too simple, but I regularly see desks piled so high with paper, binders, and printouts of email that I wonder how some people get anything accomplished. I secretly smile to myself knowing that at least I don’t have it as bad as they do.

How About You

Have you considered how your team members perceive you when they see the chaos spread far and wide across your workspace? Does it matter? Maybe you’re one of those rare souls who claim they “know where everything is” amongst the old email and Leadership Magazines from May 2010. I’m just not that guy.  How do you manage the tidal wave of work roaring through your life?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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