Symphony of Destruction

The following rant is brought to you by…well…me.

Time for a moment of self-disclosure: I love all things iPhone, iPad and using e-tools to get my work done. Integrating multiple email accounts and calendars along with note-taking apps to eliminate the almighty pen and paper make me absolutely giddy.

Sad, I know.

Alarm Clocks In Meetings
Although I love my tech toys, you will never, ever, ever hear them in the workplace. Why? Because I’m at work! However, it seems that many (read here -> all of humanity) believes that setting an alarm for every little task, meeting and incoming and outgoing email is somehow respectful.

Really? Are you kidding me?

“If I bring my alarm clock to a meeting and have it go off 15 minutes before my next meeting would that be okay?”
How About You
Are you so excited about your new fangled gadget that you just love the little sounds it makes? Do you also get annoyed when people talk during meetings off to the side because that is disruptive and rude? Really? Time for a reality check folks.
I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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