It’s All About Me

Giving feedback to others is something I do on a regular basis. Whether it is a member of my team, another leader in the organization, or a peer, I am regularly interacting with others and sharing my perspective on their performance. That probably sounds a lot like your job, particularly if you are in a human resources leadership role.

But what happens when the feedback is about you…or me?

360 Degrees of Power
One of the most exciting parts of 2013 for me is the opportunity to participate in a 12 month leadership development program. It is the most comprehensive program I have ever experienced in my career. One of the key components includes a powerful 360 degree feedback evaluation.

I recently received my feedback…all 60 pages…wow. That’s a powerful report!

360 Degrees of Humility
I was fortunate to have 17 willing colleagues, direct reports, bosses, and others donate a big chunk of their own time to complete the survey. Simply asking for their input felt like a burden, let alone knowing that it would take thirty minutes to complete the survey.

Do you have a spare 30 minutes each day? Me neither…so needless to say I was feeling a bit humbled before the process even started.

360 Degrees of Opportunity
As I went through the lengthy report (admittedly it will require time to process, re-read, and process even more to fully appreciate all of the information) I learned some important things about myself:

– I’m a good communicator, with high energy, and am very driven
– I’m a respected member of our leadership team and am knowledgeable in HR
– I also get caught up trying to manage too many details that slow down my work (and that means others’ work too…not good!)
How About You
Overall my results were quite humbling. I am blessed to work with a terrific group of people who are willing to let me try different approaches for delivering #HealthcareHR. Their support and understanding is amazing and has me energized to continue to work hard, and modify my style where appropriate to be as effective as possible.

When was the last time you received 60 pages of feedback? More importantly, did you do anything about it?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.