Are You The Asteroid?

It was an amazing and beautiful time. The world seemed to be just right. Life had a certain flow. There was an order to things, everything had it’s place, life flourished and best of all it seemed to make sense. Life was good.

Then an asteroid hit the earth and wiped out the dinosaurs.

Your Work
I’m guessing that your workplace has a certain flow to it. Maybe even a rhythm that is almost palpable. You might even say that you’ve experienced amazing things in your work because of the nature of the people who make up the team. That is truly a beautiful (and rare) gift.

Have you considered people…the ones who somehow intersect with your life…as a gift? What about those that don’t work directly with you, but as a leader in your organization you’re responsible for? (Yes, even if they don’t work for you, they are still your responsibility.)

People as a gift. I like that.

A lot.

What’s That In The Sky
Sometimes we take gifts, or culture, or work ethic for granted. It doesn’t happen overnight, but more gradually as time passes. When we take our eyes off the “gifts” around us, we can miss a problem that is headed our way. 

We can easily get so caught up in our task list or action plan or “priority of the day” that we fail to see that we’re off course.

When an organization drifts off course it is the people…those incredible gifts…that pay the price. It isn’t that “the plan” has now been compromised. People are the plan. It’s not that we’re going to miss an earnings target. People should be our targets. 

The culture and morale of our companies suffer when we allow disruptive leaders to wield their influence in a way that moves people from being considered a gift, to being pawns that must live in fear and succumb to that leader’s will.

How About You
Who are the asteroids in your organization? What are you doing to change their trajectory so they don’t cause a collision; but instead, get the coaching, support and feedback they need to stave off a disaster?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.