No Flexing = No Respect for HR

“HR needs to be more strategic.”
“HR won’t get any respect unless they focus on more strategic issues.”
“HR shouldn’t focus on the details…we need to be a strategic partner to the rest of the business.”

Calling all HR leaders!

If you are not able to flex between strategic thinking and executing at the tactical level you add no value. Yes, I said it. You add no value whatsoever.

No Grease for the Squeaky Wheel
It seems the last 20 years of complaining about being strategic players has moved HR farther away from being strategic.

You heard me correctly. 

We’ve spent so much time avoiding executing on strategy and instead spent all of our time talking about it.

Harsh? Maybe. Accurate? Yes.

Roll Your Sleeves Up, Build Your Credibility
Before you all get upset with me, calm down and consider these questions:

Who makes sure strategic plans actually get implemented?
Who takes the lead to ensure the goals get accomplished?
Who understands the systems and processes and their impact on workflow?
Who is actually taking responsibility to fully execute the plan?

If you’re delegating these tasks without staying connected…you’re delegating yourself out of a job.

How About You
Are you so caught up in the world of “HR Leader-speak” that you’ve forgotten that there is also “HR-get-the-work-done” too? Dive into a project today. Get your hands dirty. Role model for your teams that you are not above it all. It will make a bigger difference than you realize.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.