Weed Out The Weak

I want you to think about the person on your team who is the most problematic. You know the one…they have loads of potential but somehow can never quite get the traction necessary to keep up. That sense of urgency memo that is the new normal in the world of work never quite made it to their desk.

Now let me ask you…why do they still work for you?

You Don’t Have the Guts

This may sound a bit harsh, but let’s be honest…you’ve known for a long time that person should move on to another organization. 

But you haven’t stepped up yet.

This may sound cruel, but candidly they are not getting any satisfaction out of their current situation either.

But you haven’t stepped up yet.

This may not be politically correct, but I’d rather be honest. Plus, being ‘pc’ has nothing to do with effective leadership when someone needs to go.

But you haven’t stepped up yet.

I told you that you didn’t have the guts.

How About You
There is nothing left to say…except this last observation. 

While you’re complaining about that employee who needs to go instead of doing something about it, all of your other employees as well as your colleagues are watching you.

Hmmm, I wonder how that looks?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.