You, The Apathy Divine

I’m still surprised that it happens so often. Maybe I shouldn’t be. Perhaps it’s just human nature and I need to let it go? Maybe…but I don’t think that’s part of who I am. I don’t let things go as a general rule.

So what is it that happens so frequently? 

Leaders who refuse to step up, that’s what. 

Why does it happen again and again? The challenges in their work are right in front of them. Which means the opportunity to make a difference is also right in front of them. Yet somehow, they freeze. 

Is it fear of failure? Is it a lack of self-confidence? Is it the inability to process so much pressure all at once?

Could be. But what does one do about it? Let’s dive in and get our leaders back on track.

So many leaders end up changing their style once they achieve a new level of success in their careers. The hungry, risk-taking style that separated them from the others suddenly disappears when the stakes get high. The crushing paralysis of a risk-averse leadership style overtakes the once promising approach they used for years.

Fear of failing? YES! Fear of looking bad in front of their other risk-averse colleagues? YES! A new focus on survival vs. leadership? ABSOLUTELY!
“Someday we’ll actually reward leaders for their courageous approach, instead of allowing them to hide behind a secret culture of political survival that only serves a handful of other leaders.”

The antidote to this problem is a combination of character and willingness to learn. If leaders do not have enough character to recognize their approach is failing then all is lost.

If however, character is not an issue (be honest here), then the world will suddenly open up. Focusing on learning creates tremendous opportunities to excel. 

Consider the following points:

– Learning can be used both as a way to “catch up’ in areas where you are weak, but also to release yourself of the burden of having to know it all.

– When you’re learning you can’t be blamed, right? So keep learning! Show your organization and your teams that you are pushing yourself and will try, fail and eventually win.

How About You
You have to take the first step. I will help you. I will connect with you as often as you need it. I’m not perfect, but I have absolutely no fear anymore in my career. I will try anything, anywhere. I’m not kidding.

Let me help…or find another colleague who you can reach out to and get started now. Pick up the phone and call them. Schedule a coffee session. Don’t let your own apathy derail what could be so good.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.