HR Reflections: Learning to Lead


It was all about that first opportunity…and learning what I didn’t know. 

Laws, compliance, rules, policies, structure, control, process…that was good HR.

Then it was about managing…and learning what I didn’t know. 

People, behavior, expectations, deadlines, accountability, communication…that was good HR.

Next it was about complex organizations…and learning what I didn’t know. 

Corporate values and politics, the business of healthcare, governance, bizarre third party behavior, national perspectives…that was good HR.

Later is was about thinking beyond my organization and industry…and learning what I didn’t know. 

The digital world, social media, employer branding, national strategies that go far beyond traditional ideas…that was good HR.

Today it’s about one thing: courage…and I’m still learning.

I no longer have time to focus much energy on those that are so caught up in their own stuff that they suck time and energy out of those around them. 

Those leaders have failed. They won’t recover, and we don’t have time for them.

There is simply too much ahead that must be accomplished. Maybe if I can be courageous enough, I can help make it happen.

How About You
Ignore the noise. Be courageous instead.

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