Energy-Driven Task List

I’m a heavy Instagram guy. I love connecting with people from around the world who aren’t in my “regular circle.” I hear different perspectives on issues, see interesting places, and learn a lot. A number of these folks talk about energy…our personal energy.

Not Sure At First
I’ll be honest. Some of this energy talk is a bit much for me to accept. I understand there is more to it than I have learned. But, come on…

And then…a close friend brought up the notion of energy, and how we directly apply it to our work. Yes, I’ve heard the old message that says “do the toughest work…or most boring work…or most interesting work…when you feel fresh” conversation….but which is it?

Back to my friend, who knows I live and die with Wunderlist. Next thing I knew the whole energy dialogue was framed up in terms of my task list. Whoa! 

Energy driven task list?

“Say that again,”I said. 

Opportunistic with my Energy
That exchange shifted how I think about my work, and my work day. Instead of labeling myself as a morning person, or a night owl, or whatever is in-between; I now view the times when I have a surge of energy as opportunities to destroy my task list.

When my energy is high, I capitalize on it and roar through my list. When my energy is low, I don’t beat myself up for not feeling just right at my previously scheduled time to “have energy.”

Genius? Maybe not.
Incredibly effective? Oh, yes.

How About You
How do you maximize your effectiveness each day, without the leadership guilt trip that “you should be doing so much more right now?” As my Instagram friends will tell you…tune into your own energy…and make it work for you.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.