Tell Your Organization’s Story

The world is filled with lots of voices. Many of those voices are determined to tell inaccurate stories about your organization. 

Maybe it’s a former employee who was held accountable and has moved on, and is now looking to save face.

Maybe it’s another organization trying to spread misinformation about you.

Maybe it is simply a series of events that appear to position your company in a negative light.

Stop Wishing for Good News
In an era of unlimited opportunities to share information, I’m not sure why every organization isn’t aggressively telling their own story? 

Do you have fantastic people working for you? Talk about them!

Do you do good work that adds value? Share those stories!

Do you have a thought leadership message to share to inspire others? Get started!

When we wait for good stories to be told about our organizations we need to tell ourselves that old phrase…”don’t hold your breath.” The only people that will intentionally tell an accurate story about all of the good things you do is…YOU!

Get Started
Kicking off this strategy is not nearly as difficult as you might think. 

1. Decide to drive the message instead of being a victim.
2. Identify a team..and a leader of that own the process.
3. Develop and implement your plan with clear accountabilities to sustain the effort.

Find the talented people in your company who have a passion for what you do. Identify a leader who will ensure your strategy comes to life and moves the narrative forward.

You can do it.

How About You
What fears are holding you back? Stop making excuses and write them down. 

Rip apart each one, and move forward. We are not victims as leaders, we make a huge difference in the lives of our organizations. You can too.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.