Dark Moments

“…maturity is knowing that when your mood is down you should not trust the way you see yourself…”

Whoa. This one hit me. 

What is it about life that when we’re in a bit of a dark place our view of ourselves accelerates downward? Is there a natural tendency to go to the negative? Has society conditioned us to self-criticize and complain about how our lives are playing out?

I don’t like the way that feels.

In my professional life, as I suspect in yours, sometimes things don’t go as planned. That can be extremely frustrating. An upset client…a lost account…a colleague who is struggling to get the big picture. You get the point.

In those moments I often feel as if I’ve failed, that triggers my mood sinking, and the way I view myself follows suit.

Enter the Yung Pueblo quote.

So, it sounds pretty simple to just “not trust” that inner voice in our dark moments. However, isn’t that when that voice is the loudest? That makes ignoring all the more difficult. Maybe it’s only me?

Learning to trigger the “don’t trust” response is new for me…and I like the strategy to refocus my thoughts and energy. What works best for you when you’re down?

Thanks for being here.