I don’t have a ten-year study to prove it.

I don’t have a trendy article that declares this is true.

But, I’ve quoted this for years and candidly no one has challenged me yet.

95% of all organizational problems are a result of ineffective leadership.

Still with me? Believe my bold assumption?

Let’s break it down:

– leaders develop budgets

– they hire

– they fire

– they approve just about everything including vacations and staffing assignments

– they implement new strategies

– they decide on how communication will flow and which tools will be used

– and on and on…

With so much authority concentrated in a small group, wouldn’t we expect those leaders to be dynamic, engaging, savvy, and passionate about the people they are leading?

Where should we go from here? If 95% is a real thing, does that trigger a response? What does that response look like? It’s easy to say that leadership is important; however, framing true leadership as a very small group of individuals that control everything feels a bit different, right?

What about empowered employees?

What about pushing decision-making down to the frontline?

I don’t believe it’s true…that’s just double-talk in my opinion.

What do you think?

Thanks for being here.