Not Just Today

Today is an important day. Sure, all holidays are important because we take extra time to focus, commemorate, pause, celebrate, and today, recommit to how we aspire to lead.

But sometimes when we take a few moments to acknowledge these special days there is criticism that we are either being insincere or simply celebrating because it is politically correct.

Well friends, here’s how I look at this. I’m thankful there are holidays, special days, and commemorations for all sorts of reasons…not the least of which for one of my all-time role models, Dr. King. I’ve written about him multiple times over the years, and feel compelled to do so again.

Why? Quite simply the world is a mess. Bitter divisions exist: racism, anti-semitism, extreme nationalism, and hate speech all in the name of religion and country have reared their repulsive heads.

We desperately need to remember Dr. King not just today, but everyday.

There are other influences we need as well…but today is the day we focus on one man and his incredible courage, eloquence, and sacrifice.

I hope that you celebrate Dr. King today in any way you see fit. The “how” doesn’t matter as much as long as we “do.” Talk about him. Share video clips of his speeches. Talk about his passion for all people. 

If we truly believe everyone is important, then it seems to me that today is the perfect day to live that belief, not just talk about it.

Thank you Dr. King, for everything.

Thanks for being here.