What Is It About Kindness?

I’ve been sharing a fair amount of content about kindness recently. It seems to resonate more than usual though. Sure, it’s a great topic to discuss, particularly if you’ve made a significant commitment to make kindness part of your professional, personal and volunteer lives.

But something is different lately.

The reaction is not what it once was. The level of engagement has amped up considerably. Maybe we’re experiencing a quiet return to values that put people first, instead of political or extremist agendas on the right or left?

I hope so. 

I’m a big free speech person, but it seems some leaders out there want to restrict what we are allowed to say, and read, and teach as well as how we’re allowed to run our organizations. And all sides are pretty loud as they shout about what is “best” for society. Hmmm. I’m not so sure these views make sense in a free society.

Yet, kindness seems to be winning in spite of it all.

I’m greatly encouraged that this trend has emerged. I’m hopeful that common sense is returning to leadership. Imagine that…common sense. You remember that, right?

Thanks for being here.