Greatest Strength = Greatest Weakness

Becoming self-aware is hard; and then elevating our self-awareness enough to appreciate, leverage, and act upon our strengths is a powerful leadership skill. 

I hate to break it to you though, we can’t be good at everything. Understanding how we can play to our unique skill set and move our organizations forward is what savvy leaders do. But there are risks.

Our strengths can become our leadership super powers…or something quite the opposite.

Our unwavering focus on ‘what we have convinced ourselves is the right thing to do’ can end up looking like we’re playing with corporate fire. Our strength of conviction, and blind commitment to taking chances based on those convictions can come at a high price.

The strengths that we’ve relied on for many years sometimes become a blind spot and morph into our greatest weakness.

So what is the message here? Do we simply ignore our vision for the future and settle into the morass of mediocrity that plagues so many executive teams?

Not at all.
The real challenge is to integrate humility into our self-awareness leadership style. Easy, right? I’m guessing the answer is no for most of us.
Balancing our vision and desire to make our organizations better with the reality that we can’t always make the right moves is difficult to internalize. Only the truly savvy leaders can pull this off.
Is that you?

Thanks for being here.