In my last post I talked about taking NoExcusesHR a bit deeper. Leadership messages should not only be about behaviors that propel us forward, they should also demonstrate how leaders are vulnerable people who struggle too. At least I think those messages should.
The last few years have been quite a journey for me. Outwardly, it’s been business success, travel, great food, an incredible new relationship, and my wonderful growing family around me. I am blessed beyond words with all of these things coming into my life at this stage.
Sharing what we want others to see is powerful…and incomplete. 
What doesn’t get shared however is my old nemesis. We’ve actually been doing battle for a long time. It challenges my confidence, my self-image, and my big vision for the future. It speaks to what I’m not. 
Sometimes it’s very, very loud.
Why share this with you? I’ve asked myself the same question a hundred times. Is it just ‘normal’ self-doubt creeping in once in a while? 
Shouldn’t I be able to just shake it off? Well, no. The weight of the struggle feels heavy and is not something I can simply decide to toss aside. These feelings don’t work that way.
Will this deeper dive into leadership vulnerability resonate with someone? Maybe in some small way it will make a difference.
We’ll see.
For now, I’m hoping that progress comes as I pry open the lid on the raw emotions that are part of any epic battle. Although I’m not clear what progress looks like at this point, I hope it will be worth the effort.
More soon.
Thanks for being here.