The Power of Context

Context may be one of the most powerful leadership tools available. 

Think about it…not only sharing news with your team, but adding significant additional information about what the drivers are, how people reacted, and what forces are at work on a workplace issue can be game-changing. 

Let’s contrast this approach briefly with those who prefer to horde information (and believe, power, over the team). What is their internal brand? 



Zero credibility.

For me, the old-school command and control style of leadership was useless the day it was first used. 

No one will follow that leader.
No one will feel connected to that organization if they are forced to suffer under that manager.
No one will stay.

One of the fastest ways to connect your team to the organization (and you) is to overshare and explain the real reasons behind the ever-changing world of work. 
No one ever complained they were too informed or communicated with too effectively at their job.
No one.

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