Fresh View or Excuse?

Some of us like the work we do very much.  Some of us dislike the work we do.  Some of us can not find work, much as we would like to.  But for those of us that have work, good or bad, how can we keep that work meaningful, alive, exciting…fresh?


Do we view our work not only as an opportunity to be productive, but also as a gift?  Do we view the interactions we have throughout the day as moments to share that gift with those we work with?  

What exactly is the view from where you are right now?  Is it bleak?  Or, do you see limitless possibilities on the horizon?  Your perception of the view is important.


Only you can define your work, even if you know you’re in a transitional role. Decide to approach one small part of your work today as if it is an amazing gift that you need to share.  I’ll help…let’s pick leadership.  Your leadership.  At some point today you need to act decisively on something important.  No more analysis-paralysis, no more double-checking, no more stalling…no more excuses.  Share your leadership gift and embrace the view.


We all can’t be in a terrific job.  For those of us that are, we feel blessed every day. For those that are doing  other work it can be more challenging.  So how can we keep our work meaningful, alive, exciting and fresh?  Regardless of your situation, today is the day to take action in one specific area.  Can you do it?  Can you make a difference today?  Go for it.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of 1957 Time Capsule