Power Post – Who Died and Made Me King?

I am very fortunate.  I live in a free society.  I am reasonably healthy (*knocking on wood*).  I work for a mission-driven organization that provides inpatient and outpatient services to critically ill children.  My CEO “gets it” relative to HR and is very supportive.    I am also in a leadership role that requires me to make decisions constantly.  Some of those decisions are very difficult ones.

So does that make me some sort of genius?  Am I now the repository of knowledge that others should seek out because obviously I must be special?   How else could I have landed this job in the first place?  Right?


I have been given the privilege to lead.  It is not a right, it is not an entitlement, and it certainly does not mean I have nothing left to learn.  In fact, as my career has moved along, it is more clear to me than ever before that I must constantly push myself to try new things, to jump (not step) out of my comfort zone, and go for it.

I do have a tremendous amount of responsibility and authority.  But no, I am not a King.  I am here to serve those that work hard every single day.  I’m here to help create the best environment possible for them to do their amazing work.

Sometimes I lose sight of that…and for that I apologize.

How about you?  Is it coronation day; or, are you ready to set a real example for those around you?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of Mountain State