Power Post – Sprinting Is Good…I Think

I love the fast pace of my life.   Professionally I’ve never worked on more challenging projects, and personally I’ve never been more involved in activities with my family or the community.  My competitive nature is in overdrive and I can’t seem to get enough.

Until it feels like enough.

Then what?  For me, it’s about maximizing my time as efficiently as possible.  But does that mean I actually am being efficient?  The rush of a day that requires more work than time will allow can be exhilarating.  It can also be overwhelming. Ultimately, my positive self-talk kicks in and I view my responsibilities as a personal challenge. Game on.  I’m going to win.


What approaches do you use?  What works?  What was a waste of time?  How do you embrace those moments in life when you are no longer in a marathon, and you find yourself in a full sprint?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.
pic courtesy of Real Food Tulsa