Dinosaur Leaders Make Great Museum Pieces

Power.  Formal power bestowed upon us.  Once we finally get some, it feels good. No, it’s more than good.  It’s validation that our point of view is right, and those who report to us are fortunate to have us as their leader.  Thank goodness we’re here to make sure we control everything around us, and stop learning new technologies and modern approaches to working with people.  Thank goodness that we’re right!

Bigger Is Better

Now that we have all this power, we can begin to expand our internal empire.  We need more authority, whether it fits into our vague job description or not.  Our influence must grow.  Our impact must grow.  After all, we’re important, and just need some extra time to show everyone how big and important we are.  The greater our influence, the bigger our role becomes.  Bigger is absolutely better.

Current Is Not Better

Wow are we busy!  There are so many people that we need to intimidate that there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  This makes it impossible for us to understand the differences in our workforce or to learn new tools or ways of thinking.  Remember, we have the power!  It’s OK if we aren’t current.  We wouldn’t be in these jobs if we were supposed to learn.  We’re done with that.  We all ready know how to treat people, right?

Dinosaurs Were Big Too

The antiquated and pathetic leadership style I just described is so far out of touch with today’s workforce that I don’t think I can fully explain the FAIL.  Sadly, we’ve all had colleagues who espouse this philosophy.

It’s true dinosaurs were big and powerful and had tremendous influence over their world.  Until they could no longer adapt to that world and became nothing more than a display in a museum of bizarre creatures from a time long ago.

I wish I could tell you that being a leader is easy.  Simply land that big promotion and presto!  You’re a leader!  Oh sure, the perks are incredible:  on-call 24/7, never able to truly finish your work, lots of great technology holstered to your hip so you can check your email at 11:30 every night, and of course the greatest perk of all – the opportunity to satisfy customers above, below, and at your level.  What a great gig!  Right?

How About You

Leadership is a privilege.  Power is not your right, it is a gift that must be given away as frequently as possible.  The shrewd leader understands that in giving power away, it comes back ten fold.  Do you believe that you are always right?  Have you convinced yourself that learning no longer applies to you?  Is bigger always better? If so, don’t be surprised if those around you show respect to your face, but mock you privately as just another museum piece waiting to be retired.  Trust me, it’s happening right now.

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

pic courtesy of www.123rf.com/photo_2409749.html